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NESPEDICE - Ušetří Vám statisíce

Dispo Novotná - externí dispečer nákladní kamionové dopravy, speditér, zprostředkovatel obchodu a služeb v oblasti nákladní a autobusová doprava, logistika a skladování.

What can we help you with?


Do you need to transport an envelope, a package, a bike, a box, a pallet, a demijohn, a rod, bricks, sand, a car... or a house? I don't know that it can't be done. On the contrary, the more complicated it is, the more I enjoy it, it fulfills me and it brings me joy. I like to connect interesting projects with amazing companies that specialize in the transportation of everything possible. The phone just rings and: "yes, we can!" And I get the greatest joy every time I find a solution. The customer needs to take something away and the carrier is looking for interesting transportation in the area. Connecting businesses of all kinds is simply fun. I live by my work, I like to help carriers in finding the right costs, I fight for fair prices in the market. I'm not buying for a quick sale. I establish relationships on the customer's side, on the carrier's side and, last but not least, on the driver's side. By the way, I am at hand 24/7... 

What we offer?

For customers

For carriers

For the driver

Skupinová diskuze
Truck a Warehouse

Instant price calculations....

Fair prices...

Professional approach ...

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