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Truck a Warehouse

For carriers

I offer cooperation for every company that is looking for lucrative costs for their free cars. I fight for fair prices. I am first and foremost a "non-forwarder". To clarify: I am not buying to sell. I do not pressure the customer to add and the carrier to buy for the minimum. Someone else is already doing that here in the Czech Republic. I work to make the carrier PROFIT. Direct cooperation suits me perfectly. In this cooperation, there is a direct ratio = the more the carrier earns, the more I earn. I fight for a harmonious flow of money between the customer and the carrier. 

I will help you with marketing - I will call companies according to your wishes. Whether the costs are small, large, excessive, regular, sudden. 

I offer 100% reliability, fairness, serious dealings, healthy competition, professional cooperation in all directions.


In cooperation with the market leader in the field of insurance, we offer above-standard services: insurance of costs, drivers, companies, goods, express additional insurance of goods above the carrier's cargo insurance limit...

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