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For the driver

The dispatcher is the head and heart of the company, the driver is the body of the company

And this must be followed. If the harmony between "head-heart-body" works, then the whole system works. I am here 24/7 for drivers. I solve problems during loading, unloading, on the road... The driver knows that he has support and help here - I speak perfect German, good English. I respect the hard work of drivers, I try not to make their work more difficult, on the contrary. 

I offer online German tutoring via Skype, WhatsApp... Prices are individual according to need, experience, knowledge. 

Job advertisement

For drivers without a JOB: I will help you find a JOB in the Czech Republic, the EU, I will ensure the writing of a CV (curriculum vitae), or its translation, I will arrange a personal meeting, I can be abroad for a personal meeting - an interpreter...


In cooperation with the market leader in the field of insurance, we offer above-standard services: insurance of costs, drivers, companies, goods, express additional insurance of goods above the carrier's cargo insurance limit...

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