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Even as a little girl I wrote short poems, fairy tales, simple texts. In high school, I wrote the SOČ (high school professional activity). On maternity leave, I wrote a fairy tale in verse:



I have a poetic gut and a head full of lyrics and philosophical thoughts. It was only a matter of time before I bought my first E-Book and was inspired by its design, its possibilities, its meaning, its content. The day I got my hands on the first E-Book entitled "How to write an E-Book in 14 days", I was clear. I am in. For beginning writers, it is sometimes difficult to find a topic. Find the right nut for your content, an original E-book that will sell, will please, support, motivate someone. Each of us has a dream. Mine started to come true the day I simply sat down at my computer and started creating. Letting her fingers gracefully tap the keyboard, I let go of my thought processes and thought about how to help… My first E-Book is heartbreaking. My dad, grandpa and brother are bus drivers. That is, father and grandfather were, unfortunately they are no longer with us. However, the memories of family members behind the wheel remain... Simply the term "driver Václav" is close to my heart. I am the granddaughter, daughter and sister of men with the profession DRIVER. This probably influenced my desire to travel, and it also influenced my current profession as a dispatcher. Whether on my own axis, in my own car, or by bus, train... whenever I can get on, choose my destination, I'm happy. And who among us does not enjoy achieving goals? Not only the destination is a dream, but mainly the journey to achieve it. And I believe that this E-book will lead more than one person to the destination, and especially more than one bus...

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